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The Holy Compassion of God

October 18, 2020 Speaker: Keith Breault

Passage: Numbers 20:1–20:13, Matthew 14:10–14:21

Keith Breault preached a wonderful message to us from Numbers 20 and Matthew 14. Below are some questions to help you in your personal devotions or in group discussion.

1.  Recall

Read Numbers 20:1-13. Note the death of Moses’ sister Miriam (and the grief Moses probably felt) and the attitude of the people towards Moses. Consider carefully: What was Moses’ reaction to the people? What was God’s reaction to Moses? How did Moses fail to uphold God’s holiness before the people?

Read Matthew 14:6-21. Note the similarities to the story of Moses above. The death of a close family member (John was Jesus’ first cousin) and the desolate setting without provision for the people. Contrast how Jesus responded differently than Moses in this story.

2.  Reflect

Keith pointed out how Jesus upheld God’s holiness in the eyes of the people. Jesus’ immediate reaction proved the authenticity of His compassion. He was moved to His very core – His guts (how compassion is depicted in the Greek language). The loaves and fish proved the depth of His compassion. He provided a constant, endless stream of nourishment.

And then Keith asked the question, “When does God get tired of you?” This challenged our too often inadequate belief in God’s mercy and patience and compassion towards us. But Jesus persuades us that God’s compassion is perfect (holy). He does not get tired of us and desires for us to come to Him, however filthy or thirsty or miserable we are.

When are you tempted to believe God is tired of you? How do these stories speak to your understanding of what God is truly like toward you?

3. Pray

Read Hebrews 4:14-16. Remember that Jesus’ compassion in this passage is not only towards those who are physically hungry and thirsty, but also those who are spiritually hungry and needy – battling with sin and moral failure.

God calls you to come to Him with confidence in His compassion and power offered to you for every struggle, trial, and need. Spend some time now bringing your heart before Him and asking Him to help you with all that troubles your soul.