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The Spirit at Pentecost

May 31, 2020 Speaker: Albert Turner Series: Devoted

Passage: Acts 2:1–2:47

Please Read Act 2 and then consider the following questions.

#1 The Feast

The Feast of Weeks commemorated the “early harvest” following the Feast of Passover (Good Friday) and the Feast of First Fruits (Easter Sunday).

Consider Acts 2:5-21. The Lord coordinated the “saving acts of Christ” with the previous feasts. Why do you think God chose this feast day to pour out the Holy Spirit? (Consider the meaning of the feast, the mentioning of the nations, and the words of Joel as quoted by Peter.)

#2 The Problem and Its Resolution

Consider Acts 2:22-47. What was Peter’s solution for the various nations gathered? (Consider his view of “his generation” and the nature and the reach of the “promise offered.”)

What was the result of their acceptance of his solution? 

What do Peter’s words and the result tell us about mankind’s core problem and its resolution?  How does this differ from ways the world identifies our problems as individuals and as a society?

How are the themes of listening and mocking treated in this passage?

#3 Diversity

Consider both God’s trinitarian nature and His holy and loving character. Why does diversity reflect God’s glory? 

How does ethnic (racial) discrimination not reflect His character?

#4 Pray

Please spend some time today or this week asking the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit afresh upon our church, our city, and our nation.

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