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Future Hope

May 10, 2020 Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Passage: Romans 8:18–8:25

Read Romans 8:18-25.

Consider verses 18-21

  • What words does Paul use to describe life in this present world?
  • How does his outlook align with the message we get from the modern world (think of media and advertisements and American culture, etc.).
  • How should his outlook teach us to set our expectations for our lives?

Consider verses 20-24

  • Who is the one who subjected our world to its “bondage to decay” and why do you think he did that?
  • Why does Paul call the Spirit the “first fruits” ... and what does the indwelling Spirit’s presence promise us for our future?
  • Reflect on Paul’s analogy between this present world and childbirth. How might that analogy be reflected in your life experience (past, present, and future)? How might that analogy be reflected in this experience of the whole world?

Consider verses 24-25

  • Paul says we wait in hope for what we do not see. In what ways can you think of that show you put your hope in the Lord and not in the present world? In what ways might you sense you put your hope in the world in ways that don’t square with an eternal hope?
  • What are you most looking forward to when the Lord redeems all of creation?
  • Spend some time in prayer thanking the Lord for His promise of Resurrection, an end to “decay,” and the promise of a glorious new creation. Ask the Lord to help you to more deeply center your hope on His coming and the full redemption of creation (including you) that He will bring!