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They Were Continually Devoting Themselves To Fellowship

March 15, 2020 Speaker: Albert Turner Series: Devoted

Passage: Acts 2:42–2:42, Hebrews 10:24–10:25

This is the third teaching in our “Devoted” series based on Acts 2:42: “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

Here are some follow-up questions/points for your further edification.

Read Hebrews 10:12-31

Note that the Holy Spirit in this passage places the command to fellowship in verses 24-25 in the middle of some of the most glorious promises and sobering warnings in all of scripture.

What might this tell us about the great importance of fellowship? How might this command relate to the verses around it?

Read Genesis 1:26-27 and Roman 8:28-29

We see God’s purpose in creating mankind was to make men and women in His own image, that is, we were created to uniquely glorify and reveal who God is to one another and to the universe as those who express His likeness. Sin has perverted that image terribly, but in Romans 8:28-29 we see that the goal of our redemption in Jesus is to once again restore us to that image. 

Why is fellowship so important to living out our call to be God’s image-bearers? How does it relate to God's nature?

Think again about Hebrews 10:24-25 and consider the last part of the message

Let’s consider – let's think carefully – how can we stir up love in each other, how can we point each other to do what is good. Let’s come together – though it’s easy to neglect this as we see some people doing – but we’ve seen where it leads and we do not want that.

But – the day is drawing near – soon enough we will go to Jesus or He will come to us – the race will be over – this vapor of our life, this small window of time will close and we will stand before Him. We must help one another finish the race still believing, still fighting to hope in Him, and to love Him – there is nothing more important, there is nothing sweeter to fight for than this!

So now I want to put it to you: Will you help one another stay with and follow Jesus?

  • I appeal to those who are already living this out – many of you are. Will you please keep doing this? Please know the Father’s pleasure in your attempts to love when it's hard for you and to speak the truth of Jesus when it would be easier to just talk about easy things.  Please see the Lord’s command today as a confirmation of His Spirit at work in you to help you live out this crucial call to help your brothers and sisters across the finish line of faith into Jesus’ arms.  Don’t give up – keep going. It is central to your following Jesus that you love those He died to save.
  • And to those who wonder if they are doing what they should – who might find themselves thinking more about what their church (or their marriage or their family) can give them, rather than what they can give. If that is you will you prayerfully come to the Lord this week and ask if there are ways you can push into others and care for others that you aren’t now? That may need to start at home if you are neglecting there. But it will not stop there.
  • And to those who are in functional isolation – you come to church – sometimes – and when you come no one really knows you.  If you are glad about that cause you don’t really want folks to know you and you don’t really want to know them – that is not good. That is not what Christ wants for you and that is not a healthy or safe place to be. Sometimes that relates to trauma and suffering we’ve gone through. But sometimes it’s a sign that spiritually we are seriously not right with God. If that’s you, I appeal to you to let someone you know who loves you and loves Jesus. And if no one else is available – please let me know. I would like to serve you in helping you find companionship among God’s people.”

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