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They Were Continually Devoting Themselves To Prayer

March 8, 2020 Speaker: Albert Turner Series: Devoted

Passage: Acts 2:42–2:42, John 15:7–15:8

This is the second teaching in our “Devoted” series based on Acts 2:42: “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

For this sermon we reflected on Acts 2:42 and John 15:7-8. Here are some thoughts to consider along with the message for use in your devotional or small group settings.

Be “Continually Devoted to Prayer”

Acts 2:42 tells us the disciples were continually devoting themselves to prayer. Consider other places where Jesus spoke about prayer, such as Luke 11:5-8 and Luke 18:1-8. 

What is the simple connection between the way Jesus wants us to pray in these passages and what they were doing in Acts 2:42?

Are there areas of prayer you have given up on that God might want you to continue? What might these be? And why would you think God might have you keep praying?

Pray Most for the Things Jesus and His Apostles Wanted the Most

In John 15:7-8 we see that Jesus is calling for prayers which are sourced in our devotion to Him and His word and that 1) lead to spiritual fruit in our lives which 2) show we are truly His disciples and 3) bring God glory as the only One who could accomplish such things.

As we look at several of Paul’s prayers, we see that he prayed very much along these lines as he lifted up his own pleas to God for the church, particularly:

  • Power to believe in Jesus more deeply
  • Leading to the fruit of love – for God and one another – to abound
  • Leading to glorifying God as the only source of such spiritual vitality

How do these themes resonate in your prayers? Do you find yourself praying most for things that you know God wants most? Why or why not do you think this is the case?

Pray Together

Jesus created His church – a global family lived out in smaller local gatherings of believers. Private devotions are critical but Acts 2:42 is not about private devotions. It is about the church praying together as a spiritual family, continually devoted to seeking God together.

Do you think your experience of prayer in community is where it should be? Are there ways you – or our church – could grow in living out this picture in Acts 2:42?

Spend Some Time Now in Prayer

Ask God to help our church be continually devoted to praying together in ways that would be for our good. And pray for God to help our church to pray in the ways that Jesus asks us to:

  • For power to believe in Him more deeply
  • For the fruit of love for God and one another to abound
  • For us to glorify God as the only source of such spiritual vitality

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